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carl's impala
Rebuilding My Ride
Me, my boys,my friends
The love of art
My Ride rolls on
Rolling out
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My Family my life and my ride.
Hi Im a single father of four Boys.  My boys are my life. I live, work and play for them. My ride is a 1967 chevy Impala 2dr ht. it's been my project and a dream for most of my life.  



My 1967 Chevy Impala Lowrider project

heaven or hell

Grand Canyon photo by Nana Lapham



lowrider magazine: nice cars and hot girls

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on guard

I support the men and women that defend us both at home and over seas




The 1967 Impala was again restyled, looking longer and heavier, with the fastback roof design being even more pronounced. On the Super Sport models, the new front grille featured blacked-out horizontal strips, and on the rear was a black panel insert between the taillights. The SS identification could be found on the grille, trunk lid and each front fender. Black lower body and rear fender moldings were used on the Super Sport models in contrast with the bright pieces found on other Impalas. The standard Impala wheel covers were used with SS center caps.

In the interior, the usual vinyl buckets with center console were standard; however, a bench seat with a folding armrest could be substituted at no cost. The SS identification was limited to an SS emblem on the glovebox door. Brushed aluminum inserts embellished the console and dash panel. The dash came with three large round gauges arranged horizontally, with two auxiliary gauges on each end arranged vertically.

Engine availability consisted of the 260 ci for six-cylinder Impala SS models. The V-8 Super Sport Impalas came with the 283 ci single-exhaust two-barrel engine rated at 196 hp, a dual-exhaust four-barrel 327 rated at 275 hp and the 325 hp 395 ci Turbo-Jet.

Only one 427 ci V-8 was optional. This was the L36, now rated at 386 hp. On the Impala, it was part of the SS 427 option, a combination of the 224 Super Sport option and the L36 engine option. The SS 427 came with a unique domed hood with three simulated air ducts, large SS 427 emblems in the center of the grille and on the rear panel between the taillights, heavy-duty suspension components and Red Line 8.25x14 tires on 14x6 in. rims. A total 2,124 Impala SS 427s were produced. A total 4,337 of the 427 engines were installed in all 1967 Chevrolet full-size models.

Optional for the first time were front disc brakes. Power brakes and 15 in. rally wheels were mandatory with the disc brakes.

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